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Pocatello's Promise of Tomorrow Mayoral Scholarship

Pocatello has a new scholarship designed to help students who don’t have enough money, go to school.

“Pocatello’s Promise of Tomorrow Mayoral Scholarship” awards students $2,000 ($500 per semester) to a handful of high school students in the Pocatello area, over two years.

In its inaugural year, the scholarship was awarded to the following students with their high schools and declared fields of study for college:

Deja Revere – New Horizon High School – Forensic Science

Kayden Cummings – Grace Lutheran High School – Physician’s Assistant

Mariana Vera – Century High School – Anthropology

Raquel Martin – Highland High School – Special Education or Social Work

Sophia Eagle (Martin) – New Horizon High School – Welding

Pocatello Mayor Brian Blad said he wanted to start a scholarship like this because of a story he heard from another city official.

In that story, a valedictorian from a rural high school was asked where she would be going to school, and she said she couldn’t go because she didn’t even have money to travel to the school.

Mayor Blad said he got on the phone with local businesses and banks to see who would be willing to donate to the fund, based on his idea. He said the reception to his plan, and the amount of money they received were remarkable.

“Every financial institution I spoke to stepped up and gave a substantial donation,” Blad said. “[They] said this is exactly what we’re looking for… because there is a group of people that get overlooked.”

Mayor Blad said this scholarship was always meant to make overlooked students feel like they mattered and not to shine a light on anyone else involved in giving them the scholarship.

“I truly wanted to make students like this feel like they are worth something,” Blad said.

All the students who received the scholarship will attend Idaho State University.

“It’s inspiring to see our community come together to support these students with their higher learning goals,” Blad said.