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Pocatello City Employee Retires after 30 years of Service

Melanie Gygli has worked for the city of Pocatello for 30 years and has had the chance to be in several positions during her time. She has been the community development assistant, assistant planner, grants administrator, divisions manager in neighborhood and community services division and director of planning development for the city of Pocatello. After her three decades of service to the community and the city of Pocatello she will be retiring.  

She said it's hard to pick her favorite position since she loved everything, she has been able to do during those years.  

“I really thoroughly enjoy interacting with the public, so some of the time as the secretary and the community development assistant, which was more front line, I really liked dealing with that end,” she said. 

Since each job was unique and rewarding for her it seems impossible to choose one thing. During her time as the grant administrator she helped low iincome residents and households in the city, which she said was a great feel-good program.  

“It’s kind of hard for me to pick a favorite because something will go by and I’ll say that’s my favorite…oh that’s my favorite!” she said. 

The aspect she is most proud of was being able to be part of a team where people truly want to do their best for the city and the public.  

Gygli was born and raised in Pocatello and as she has worked as a city employee her love for Pocatello has only increased.  

As she retires, she looks forward to spending more time with family and more time traveling.