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Pick Me Up Drinks Comes to Rexburg

BYU-Idaho Radio · Pick Me Up Drinks Comes to Rexburg
Pick Me Up Drinks is a popular soda franchise that was originally opened in Ammon in 2016. Since then, seven locations have opened in Eastern Idaho and one in Utah. Rexburg is the newest location and is owned by Michael and Natalie Beeman.  

Pick Me Up offers a variety of sodas with flavor mix-ins. They also sell hot chocolate and cookies. The Beeman family are big fans of Pick Me Up and jumped at the chance to open a location in Rexburg.  

“We saw Rexburg was available, and that was my number one choice for anywhere in Eastern Idaho by far, just because I know there are a lot of great people there as far as employee pool, as well as potential customers that we can serve,” Michael said. 

Anyone who has been to Rexburg knows there are lots of places to get a soda. Beeman said Pick Me Up sets themselves apart through customer service, specifically their employees.  

“So, the only thing that’s going to separate you is the customer experience. And when we were hiring, that’s what we were looking for, is people that were going to give the type of experience that would make [Pick Me Up] their number one choice when it comes to drinks... Part of their job is not only to serve great drinks and great treats, but to pick you up,” Michael said.  

On the Pick Me Up website is their philosophy, “We’re about lifting people up and spreading cheer, and if we haven’t done that by the time you’ve left our window… we’ve failed.” 

The owners of Pick Me Up said it is a great idea to not only get yourself a drink, but to also get one for a friend in need.  

The Pick Me Up trailer is located close to the Wendy’s parking lot, by the Crispy Cone and T-Rex Burger food trucks. Hours are available on their website,