On Tuesday, September 1, Pacific Creek Landing, located just north of the Moran area, will be temporarily closed to all river users and visitors during construction activities this fall and possibly into spring 2021.  


The National Park Service and Grand Teton National Park Foundation are working together on a multi-year project, Snake River Gateways, to transform three river access sites along the Snake River. The project is meant to enhance the visitor experience, improve safety, restore the resilience of riparian habitat, improve infrastructure, and emphasize accessibility for all.  


“The goal of the snake river gateways project is to focus on access, education, safety,” the public affairs specialist for the park, CJ Adams said, “As well as sustainability and to showcase what a spectacular resource the Snake River really is.” 


Adams said this project is going to help keep the landing by repairing damage caused by everyday wear and tear.  


During the temporary closure at Pacific Creek Landing, anyone putting a boat or watercraft in the Snake River at Jackson Lake Dam will need to travel to Deadmans Bar, which requires an advanced skill set. River users may want to consider an alternate section of river or other recreational activities during this time. 


Something to take serious if you are on the river is to wear that PFD (personal floatation device) and also know your ability,” Adams said. 

For information and safety tips about recreating on the Snake River, visit the park website athttps://www.nps.gov/grte/planyourvisit/boat.htm and watch this video produced in partnership with Grand Teton National Park Foundation at https://vimeo.com/336228905. 

Know Before You Go: Floating the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park from GTNP Foundation on Vimeo.