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“Out of The Box” Lunches Provide Networking Opportunities for Idaho Falls Businesses

The Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce gives business owners the opportunity to network and have a delicious lunch during their monthly “Out of the Box” networking lunches.  

On the first Tuesday of each month, six businesses are invited to present and provide information on their business. Chip Schwarze, the board chair of the Idaho Chamber of Commerce Alliance and the president and CEO of the Greater Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce said chamber members and other business owners attend to learn more and to meet other people in the business community.  

“Almost every person that shows up as a presenting business will tell me within 3-4 weeks later that they acquired new business contacts and made new customers after presenting to these business associates … so it’s a great opportunity for businesses to showcase and for business leaders to meet other people in the community,” Shwarze said. 

Tickets for the lunches cost $12-15. More information on the lunches is available on the Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce website.