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"On the Same Page" Monthly event in Madison Library District

Books can be the window to your imagination, they can be full of magic and adventure. One of those classic books filled with magic and adventure also has fairies, pirates and Neverland. J.B. Barrie’s famous novel “Peter Pan” will be the focus of Madison Library District’s event called On the Same Page.  

The event includes a free copy of “Peter Pan” and activities throughout January and February.  

“It appeals to anyone who is still a kid at heart which I think, if people really think about it, they are,” said Kathrin Stanton, Adult Services Librarian for Madison Library District. “There is such a sense of play and such a sense of adventure with the book that it just continues to appeal to generation after generation” 

“Peter Pan” deals with timeless subjects that anyone can relate to. Madison Library District wants the public to increase their reading for enjoyment, read and see what the story means for you. 

“You can come get a copy of the book, pick up a schedule, pick up a reader’s guide,” Stanton said.  

The release date will be this Friday, January 17, at Madison Library District from 7 - 8:30 p.m. You can drop by around that time. After you get a free copy of “Peter Pan” you can stay for some fun activities. Because the activities will be about Peter Pan, you are welcome to come dressed up as a pirate.