• Madison Cares about Start with Hello Week

    Schools in Madison County are making a difference this week with the "Start with Hello" initiative. Brought to life by the Sandy Hook Promise Organization, Start with Hello encourages people to reach out in an effort to counter social isolation and prevent gun related violence.

  • Improv Comedy Group Returns To BYU-Idaho

    The comedy group featuring many famous LDS actors returns to the stage at BYU-Idaho to share their talents.

  • Republican Tommy Ahlquist in the Run for Idaho Governor

    "I am not a politician." Republican nominee for Governor of Idaho explains how his professional and leadership experience will add new and needed perspective to Idaho politics and qualify him for the race independent of political experience.

  • Pocatello Lieutenant Retires After 35 Years of Service

    Lt. Paul Manning of the Pocatello police force reitred after over 35 years of service. In this interview with BYU-Idaho student Rachel Wynder, he explains a few of the exciting moments he experienced in his career and what has led him to devote a life-time of service in this capacity.

  • The Race for Seat B, Dist. 34

    After Idaho Rep. Dell Raybould (R) anounced his leave of seat B dist. 34, local Britt Raybould officially joined the run against candidate Elaine King for the same seat.

  • "Get To Know The Prophet"

    This Weeks Scroll Cover Story features a history of new President of the Chrch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • BYU-Idaho Students Place 5th at Adobe Analytics Competition

    Last November, a group of three students made a remarkable achievement - placing 5th at the Adobe Analytics Competition out of over 170 competing schools. In this interview, they tell us just what it took.

  • Republican Representative Ron Nate on Legislature Now

    BYU-Idaho professor in economics and Idaho state representative Ron Nate addresses a few key points with the 2018 legislative session, including tax over-collection, health care, and the vacancy in 34B.

  • Minority Leader Mat Erpelding on Legislature Now

    With the new 2018 Legislative session, minority leader Mat Erpelding (our democratic interviewee from the house this week) touches on the positives and negatives of the current topics in the Idaho House, including tax surplus and plans to redistribute funds to business owners.

  • Singer and Actor Matthew Kacergis Performs at BYU-Idaho

    Seattle native Matthew Kacergis began his singing career as far back as the fourth grade in a school musical and has since made a professional career, most recently in the role of Prince Eric in the national tour of Disney's "The Little Mermaid." He performs his show, "The Songs of the Cinema: from Casablanca to La La Land" at BYU-Idaho on January 17th.

  • Democratic Nominee A.J. Balukoff

    Democrat A.J. Balukoff Running for Idaho Governor

    As Governor Butch Otter of Idaho finishes his third term, Democrat A.J. Balukoff is ready to campaign once again for nomination. With goals aimed at improving public education and healthcare in Idaho, Balukoff emphasizes his loyalty to and interest in the people of Idaho.

  • Duly Noted A Cappella Group

    BYU-Idaho Student A Cappella Group 'Duly Noted' Ready for 2018

    The A Cappella scene at BYU-Idaho is growing, along with a few of it's premier student-led groups. Duly Noted (est. 2017) is growing in popularity and skill. After a successful community performance last December, Duly Noted is kicking it off with exciting new plans and auditions for 2018. Take a look!

  • Lexi Walker

    Teenage Singing Sensation, Lexi Walker, Talks Rising In Popularity, Maintaining High Standards

    "My faith is something that has helped me grow as a person and has helped me flourish under a certain set of...standards that help to kind of figure out who I am, as I'm growing it helps me have something to cling to as I grow, as I learn," Lexi Walker told BYU-Idaho Radio. "It's been one of the greatest parts of my life for sure."

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry students publish research for biotech company

    Under the mentorship of David Collins, a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry; Serena Michalsky, Ashley Tolzmann Thornock, and Ramon Soto Alvarez delved into extensive research that centered on testing certain methods of drug extraction and analysis.

  • Safe Haven Emergency Villages Logo

    Birthing Class Teaches People How To Help Women Deliver In Low-Resource Scenarios

    "One thing that we do know is that emergency childbirth is the number one emergency at any given time, anywhere in the world, so it really is an important thing to know how to respond safely to," Campbell said. "We're basically teaching, kind of a like a CPR class, but it's for childbirth."