BYU-Idaho Spirit Week

Megan Kezell with Student Activities at BYU-Idaho talks about the events of BYU-Idaho's Spirit Week.

The Big Read

BYU-Idaho faculty, Quinn Grover and Amelia Bahr, talk about this semester's Big Read of Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" and its theatre production on campus.

An Artist's Encomium

Artist Vince Bodily speaks with Brandon Isle about his new exhibit, "An Artist's Encomium," which will debut with a reception and open house at the Spori Art Gallery tonight.

The Life of an Artist: Jorge Cocco Santangelo

Jorge Cocco is an artist from Argentina. He has a unique art form that he calls sacrocubism. His exhibit, "Sacred Events from the Life of Christ" will be on disply in the Jacob Spori Art Gallery at BYU-Idaho from April 5 to May 30.

Rocket Team

The BYU-Idaho has its very own Rocket Team


The American Society of Civil Engineers is on BYU-Idaho's campus.