Violinist William Hagen comes to BYU-Idaho

Internationally-acclaimed violinist William Hagen discusses how he has prepared to play Beethoven's Violin Concerto at BYU-Idaho on Nov. 21 and talks about his career in music


BYU-Idaho has the largest ROTC program in the state. The officer training course can help students decide if the military is for them. Even if students aren't sure about joining the military, ROTC can provide them with a multitude of experiences and skills applicable in other areas of life.

BYU-Idaho Alumni Office Launches New Podcast

The BYU-Idaho Alumni Office's new podcast called "The BYUI Mighty Oaks Series" features interviews with BYU-Idaho alumni about their experiences at school, getting jobs, and being an influence in the workforce.

BYU-Idaho Forum with Richard Turley

Richard Turley, the managing director of the Communication Department for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, spoke at the BYU-Idaho forum in his talked titled, "Joseph Smith: Teenage Prophet." He talked in an interview with Brandon Isle about his address and on his career in the church.

BYU-Idaho Spirit Week

Megan Kezell with Student Activities at BYU-Idaho talks about the events of BYU-Idaho's Spirit Week.

The Big Read

BYU-Idaho faculty, Quinn Grover and Amelia Bahr, talk about this semester's Big Read of Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale" and its theatre production on campus.