Blind Music Professor Composes Campus Concert Band

Dr. Mark Watkins is a jazz professor at BYU-Idaho. He composes different performances for the campus bands, including the Jazz Ensemble and Sound Alliance, despite the fact that he's blind. BYU-Idaho Radio talks with him about his experience teaching, his upbringing, and what it's like to teach without the ability to see.

Aaron Merrell Talks About Book of Mormon Video Series

Aaron Merrell is the senior producer for the Book of Mormon video series for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. BYU-Idaho Radio talked with him about the experience and what he's learned while producing the show.

Health Psychology Research Team Studies Healthy Eating

Three students in the Health Psychology class at BYU-Idaho completed a study on healthy eating. They learned about those foods' price tags and the time it takes to prepare a healthy meal. BYU-Idaho Radio talks with them about their study and what spurred them to research it.

BYU-Idaho Students Help a South African Business Owner

BYU-Idaho students at the Rexburg Business Development Center are helping an online BYU-Idaho student get her business rolling from South Africa. You can check out her products at her website,

Where Life Can Take us After Graduation

Life after graduation can bring many fear and uncertainty. An alumna speaks about her life after she graduated ten years ago and what she's learned along the journey.