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New Bridal and Tuxedo Shop Opens in Idaho Falls

BYU-Idaho Radio · New Bridal and Tuxedo Shop Opens in Idaho Falls

During a year of heartache and struggle for many businesses, one industry in Southeastern Idaho is doing surprisingly well. Circle of Love is a bridal shop located on Main Street in Rexburg that has been open for over 30 years. 

In January, JC Weber purchased Circle of Love from his parents and continued the family business. Like many businesses through the first few months of the pandemic, things were difficult as the shop was required to close. 

“The first of the year was great for a lot of businesses, especially bridal. We’d had a great kickoff to the year. Then, when [the] coronavirus hit and we were shut down for a month or so, it obviously was a little rough and there’s a lot of uncertainty. We had to rethink how we are going to move forward,” said JC Weber, owner of Circle of Love and Hearts Bridal and Tuxedo.  

Despite the uncertainty, Weber continued to find a way to grow the business.  

“The company LaNeige, formerly known as Hearts Tux and Gown, in Idaho Falls reached out to me saying that they were looking at selling their business, due to some financial hardships, specifically from [the] coronavirus,” Weber said. “We were in a position at Circle of Love where I was able to come in and purchase them and we changed the name back to Hearts.”  

Hearts Bridal and Tuxedo is now Weber’s second bridal shop and is in Idaho Falls. He reopened the shop earlier this fall. Weber said he loves the bridal industry and being a small part of special moments. 

“The beauty of the bridal industry is that people are still going to get married, and that’s what excited me the most and gave me the energy you need to jump into another business,” Weber said.  

Hearts Bridal and Tuxedo is located at 630 West Broadway in Idaho Falls. Hours and more information are available online at