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New Art Events are Coming to Rexburg

The Romance Theater will be the hub of a monthly Arts Stroll happening in Rexburg. Visitors and community members can go there on the first Friday of every month, year-round from 5 to 8 p.m. Stopping at the Romance Theater will give people the opportunity to learn what performances and art shows are happening that night. There will be different artists and vendors along Center Street. 

The Arts Council is also starting an event called a “Grab Bag Art Show.” Each month, there will be brown paper bags each with a different item inside. People can purchase a bag for $5 and create art with whatever is in the bag. Each artist’s work will be on display and the winner will receive $25. Jed Platt, the Rexburg arts director, said the event was inspired by the desire to let people in the community showcase their skills.  

“There is so much creativity and ingenuity in our community and we want to be able to give people an opportunity to express that,” Platt said. 

For more information about art and events in Rexburg visit