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Music Inspired by General Conference - An Interview with Wayne Burton and Tyler Castleton

BYU-Idaho Radio · Music Inspired by General Conference - An Interview with Wayne Burton and Tyler Castleton
This weekend, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its 191st semi-annual general conference. Two days were filled with the teachings of the Prophet, Apostles and other leaders of the faith. 

Right on time for the messages of these religious leaders is a new album inspired by the talks given in last year’s April general conference. The album, called “Hear Him: By The Voice Of My Servants Volume 2,” features many different singers and musical artists who convey the messages given at that conference. 

Wayne Burton and Tyler Castleton produced the album, which is made up of 12 songs, with the title song, “Hear Him,” inspired directly by President Russell M. Nelson’s address during last year’s conference of the same name. 

“Well it’s no secret that so much of what President Nelson has done as a Prophet has been revolutionary for the Church,” Castleton said. “And I think this particular talk where he invited members of the Church to be better prepared to receive personal revelation resonated with people, so we had a lot to say and a lot we wanted to say about that.” 

Burton and Castleton worked on making each song sound energetic or reverent, depending on the message of the talk the music was based on. Castleton said this balance was important for them to have. 

“We’re not trying to make music that’s on the cutting edge of everything you hear out there. We hope that at the end of the day, the sound, the singers, the production, it can all serve the song at the end of the day and that they convey the message of the song as well as they can,” he said. 

Burton added, “Some of these songs, while they don’t address a sacred thing, they address a positive energy that says we are a part of something great and we want to celebrate it.” 

You can find the album at