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Music for Seniors

BYU-Idaho Radio · A Door to Door Band Event for Idaho Falls Seniors
As COVID-19 has kept many of our senior citizens isolated, one BYU-Idaho student has decided to help them feel loved and connected with the rest of us.

Courtney Russell, a student majoring in Communication at BYU-Idaho, decided to partner with Senior Solutions in Idaho Falls to play music for remote seniors. She reached out to them for an assignment in a public relations class.

A band in a mobile trailer will go from door to door, playing music for seniors as they watch from their doors.

Russell said she recognized that many seniors are feeling alone right now and she wanted to reach out to them in a safe way.

“A lot of seniors are at home right now because of stay-at-home orders,” Russell said. “[We wanted to bring] them and concert and to bring them joy.”

When asked what she wanted people to know about this event, Russell stated, “It’s going to create a lot of joy for people who need it the most,” Russell said.

The door-to-door musical parade takes place this Saturday, June 13, starting around 10 a.m.

If you’re a senior in the Idaho Falls area and want the band to play for you, or if you want to help assist those operating the trailer in any way, call (208) 821-955 or email

Russell said they still need some drivers and other people to come and help.

“We’re really excited because everything has come together so perfectly,” Russell said.