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Munchie’s Donuts N Bakes Opening Soon

An Idaho local is opening a new doughnut shop in Idaho Falls following the passing of his stepfather. Randy Jensen was a baker for about 40 years and owned Bakers Dozen in Idaho Falls. He passed away in April. 

The new bakery, called Munchie’s Donuts N’ Bakes, will be run by Dustin Matheson, his sisters and his mom. He said he can always rely on family, especially when it comes to employees showing up to work early enough to have the donuts ready.  

Aside from doughnuts, Matheson said they will be selling muffins, breads and gluten-free options. He specifically mentioned they will sell a “true sourdough bread” which is made from scratch instead of from a mix.  

“We are going to be a family bakery and were going do most things from scratch from our whipped creams, that we’re going to be using in the fillings, from the breads to the doughnuts. We’re going to be making them fresh every morning,” Matheson said. 

Matheson is hoping to open the shop in September of this year. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page.  

BYU-Idaho Radio · An interview with Dustin Matheson