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Mountain Lions in Idaho

Mountain lions have been on the prowl in Idaho, some were seen near Hailey and Ketchum and even attacked pet dogs. Regional communications manager for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Terry Thompson in the Magic Valley Region said they have currently received 43 reports of mountain lions, five of them being today, Jan. 7. These were also reports of dog attacks.  

Thompson explained how there has been a change of behavior in mountain lions, they are becoming less “shy” around humans which has caused them to go to people’s backyards.   

“We are seeing a lot of more activity during daylight hours,” he said. “It looks like they are becoming more accustomed to living in a community in residential neighborhoods, which means they are starting to show they are losing their natural fear of humans.”   

Due to these circumstances we need to understand what safety precautions we can take and what to do if we come face-to-face with a mountain lion.   

“First and foremost, don’t run. Lions are just like any cat; they have a natural instinct to chase and catch,” Thompson said. “So, by running you are running the risk of triggering that chase and catch response.”   

Thompson also suggested you make yourself look as big as possible, make a lot of noise and you can throw something at it to make the lion leave. You can learn more safety tips in the interview and on the Idaho Fish and Game's website.