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Monthly cultural event to display locals’ talent at the Romance Theater

BYU-Idaho Radio · The Art Stroll returns to Rexburg: upcoming events from Rexburg Arts
Cinco de Mayo is the first Friday of the month, meaning it’s time again for the Rexburg Art Stroll. This month’s event will be hosted at The Romance Theater on Main St. and will feature performances by Justine Turcotte and the female a capella group Una Voce.  

“I think they’re so great,” said Emily Miller, media specialist and event planner for Rexburg Arts. “They’re going to give us a preview – they’re doing a full concert on May 22nd at the high school, so this will be a preview of their full concert. And I’m just – I like them so much. I don’t – I just recently know them, but I’m, like, proud of them for everything that they’ve done.”  

As another part of Art Stroll, staff for The Romance Theater will give tours of the theaters, pointing out areas which were preserved to show the extent of water damage from the Teton Dam flood, as well as parts backstage. 

“You can also go to the newly renovated green room below the stage,” Miller said. “Which we worked really hard to get ready for The National Parks concert that happened a couple weeks ago. You can see where The National Parks signed the door. We’re hoping that as we have more people come perform in that theater that we’ll fill that door up with cool signatures.” 

For those interested, the event will also include karaoke.  

“I always really love the karaoke part of the night,” Miller said. “Last time we had a family there, the Danse family. There were some [numbers] that the father and his daughter did together. We didn’t have a huge turnout at that one, so they had an opportunity … they could do like over and over, so that was fun, but they had a great time.” 

The night will also feature a costume drive for community members to help provide costumes for upcoming shows at The Romance Theater, as well as unveiling of what shows will play at The Romance Theater.  

“We love participation,” Miller said. “We would love to have more people reach out to us. We’re always searching for people to come exhibit their art or perform. But I’m starting to get a lot more people reaching out to me, asking for an opportunity to come share their talents, which is great.” 

If you’re interested in joining Rexburg Arts’ newsletter list, you can find a sign-up link on rexburgarts.orgcontact-us. There you can also find numbers to call if you’re interested in getting involved with community events on a performer level.