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Monster Mash Auditions

BYU-Idaho Radio · Monster Mash Auditions

As the cooler air starts to move into Eastern Idaho and the pumpkin and ghost decorations begin to appear on doorsteps, a couple of theatre lovers are calling on students and locals alike to entertain the community this Halloween season. 

 This year, Ruth Call and Tennyson Miller want to get in the spirit by hosting the Monster Mash, a Halloween variety show. Auditions close Saturday, Sept. 25 at 5:00 p.m. 

 “We both kind of came up with the idea that we wanted it to be not just?a,?‘Hey! Everyone! Let’s get together and sing Halloween songs.’ But having there be somewhat of a plot to it and stuff like that,”?Call said. 

 Call said that audition pieces should be songs that you feel passionate about and have a “Halloween vibe” or they could be songs from classic Halloween films, anything from the Sanderson Sisters to Billie Eilish. Monster Mash will be a time to collaborate artistically with directing staff and with other performers.?? 

 “We just want to see people who are wanting and willing to really,?really?get into the Halloween mood and freak people out,” Call said. “The story that we create will be something where it combines our vision and theirs.”? 

 Call says?rehearsals should only be two to three times a week, except for the week of the shows when there will be rehearsals every night.?? 

Performances will be held at the Basement in Rexburg?on?Oct. 21, 22 and 23.?Those?who?wish to audition are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. More information for auditions can be found on Instagram at Rexburg Monster Mash.?