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Manwaring Cheese Offers Delicious Food and Fun in Idaho Falls

Manwaring Cheese has been in the Manwaring family for many years. Justin Manwaring recently bought the store from another family member and has since opened up a location in Idaho Falls.  

 Cheddar cheese is made in house, but Manwaring Cheese also offers a wide variety of flavors like bacon jalapeño, pound of pickle, and South Fork sausage. Not sure if you’ll like such interesting flavors? Don’t worry, you can sample every type before picking out which cheese you want.  

 Once you do find your favorite, you can order a fresh grilled cheese sandwich on sour dough bread for $2.50. Every part of the sandwich from the type of bread to the cheese ratio was carefully thought-out.  

 “We spent a lot of time working on what type of bread we wanted to use … we eventually ended up on a yeast free sourdough that we have baked for us by a local baker. We ended up going with sourdough because after all of the sandwiches that we tried, that was the bread that really tasted the best with our cheeses,” Manwaring said. 

With your sandwich, you can also purchase homemade tomato basil soup. But leave room because there are many flavors of gelato to choose from. Gelato is made fresh daily and new flavors are added all the time.  

 To visit Manwaring Cheese head to 310 Northeastern Ave. in Idaho Falls or order right from their website.