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Madison High School bringing Brigadoon to life

BYU-Idaho Radio · Madison High School bringing Brigadoon to life

Madison High School will take audiences to Scotland in their production of “Brigadoon.”  

Set in the 1950s, “Brigadoon” follows Tommy and Jeff who visit Scotland on a hunting trip. They stumble upon a town called Brigadoon that only appears once every 100 years. Tommy meets and falls in love with a young woman named Fiona, and he is left to decide if he’ll stay in Brigadoon or return to his regular life.  

“It’s one of my favorite shows, I’ve done it a couple of times,” said director Robert Hibbard. “The last time I did it here was in 2005. I just felt like this was the right show to do.” 

Marcus Christensen plays Tommy, and says Tommy’s motivation is to find fulfillment.  

“He’s not fulfilled and he finally comes to this place where he’s finally feeling some sort of fulfillment,” Marcus said. “It’s not just that he finds a nice girl and falls in love. It’s like he feels complete.” 

Seth Gardner plays Jeff, who is less enchanted with Brigadoon.  

“I really like all the sarcastic, snide side comments I get to make,” Seth said.  

“There’s no way to describe the feeling that you get on stage and performing,” said Halle Olaveson, who plays Fiona. “It’s so cool and I love having the opportunity to portray emotions through singing and acting and being Fiona.” 

Marcus says Hibbard emphasized to the cast that Brigadoon is about sacrifice and of finding your own Brigadoon, whatever that may be.  

“This is not just a love story. He challenged us to find what it means to us. What’s Brigadoon to you? And it’s different for everybody,” Marcus said.  

“Brigadoon”runs Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 10-12 and Monday, Nov. 14. Tickets can be purchased here.