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Madison Cares Community Classes

Madison Cares has free educational classes for those in the community. These classes can give you the necessary tools to know how to deal with your emotions, keep a budget and help those who struggle with mental illness.  

Some of the classes include: “Beginning with the Future in Mind”; a class to help you set parenting goals for the new year; “Living on Your Own Terms,” which deals with developing financial goals; and “Mental Health First Aid,” an eight-hour class that can give you a certification for Youth Mental First Aid.  

The Program Support Specialist for Madison Cares, Tasha Larsen, said their goal is to help those in the community to have the right resources to feel more connected. 

“Anybody is welcomed to take the classes,” she said. “They are not just for parents but anybody in the community. They are very in topic and a lot of the time they are focused on parenting, but they change on a regular basis, so anybody is welcome to attend.”  

There are classes every week on Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the “Mental Health First Aid” classes are every month on different days of the week in the afternoons. The instructors are those working in Madison Cares or those in the community.  

Get information about the educational classes the organization offers and Madison Cares.