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Candidate Q&A: Bryanna Johnson

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Councilwoman Bryanna Johnson is running for reelection to the Rexburg City Council. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Johnson shared why she is running for a second term and what her proudest accomplishment was in her first term. To contact Johnson, send an email to Elections are on November 7. Below is the transcript of our interview with her. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

Chandler: Why run again for city council?

Bryanna Johnson: Yeah, well, I feel like I have learned so many things in the last four years and got some momentum going. I've learned to feel pretty passionately about a lot of things and care about a lot of things in the city. So, feels like, why not give it another go, keep that momentum going.

Chandler: And what do you have that other candidates don't?

Bryanna Johnson: Well, that's a hard question. I feel like there's a lot of really good people in Rexburg. I will point out that I am the only woman running, and if I'm elected, I would be the only woman on the council. And I feel like it's really important that we have men and women working together to share their perspectives. I'm a mother. I'm still raising my children, though. I think I can offer a perspective that is needed in this family community. And I have experience. I've spent four years doing this. I'm the only incumbent running, and so I feel like I could contribute to what we have going.

Chandler: And you said, obviously, you've already done this once. Four years you've been doing this job. What has been your proudest moment or your biggest accomplishment that you would say from doing this for four years?

Bryanna Johnson: Well, again, I feel like that's a tough question. I feel like City Council is really a team sport. You actually can't accomplish much on your own. It takes the majority of us to really accomplish anything. So, I feel like we've done some things that I'm really proud of, together. I feel like we've tried to add more parks and recreational opportunities for our residents. And, I guess, I would say one of the things I'm most proud of is that I have tried really hard to listen to the residents because I feel like they offer us solutions that are very good, and so I feel like I've tried my best to listen to residents. So, that's probably what I'm most proud of.

Chandler: If you get reelected, what would you continue to focus on? What would be the number one thing that you say, “I’ve got to do this?”

Bryanna Johnson: Well, I feel like one of the things I feel pretty passionately about is, we are a student community. We love our students. Actually, I not only work with them on a daily basis, but they volunteer and help our community so much. So, I'm so thankful that they're here. And of course, being in a student community offers some challenges to work out too. And so, I feel pretty passionately about making sure that we still have stable communities for our residents. So, we have a place for students, and we have a place for residents so that we keep neighborhoods that people can actually have a family and children that have space to run around. So that's something I feel pretty passionately about. So, land use issues, our transportation plan. I feel like we need to keep planning for the future in a way that makes sense. So, I feel pretty passionately about those things and supporting our first responders, offering recreational and cultural arts opportunities for our residents that we can afford.

Chandler: Speaking of issues, what would you say is the number one issue facing Rexburg, and what would you propose as a councilwoman to be able to provide a solution to that issue?

Bryanna Johnson: Yeah, well, I know everyone says it's growth, but I feel like that's because it's the truth. We're growing pretty rapidly, and I feel like we have to make sure that we're growing at a pace we can sustain, make sure we still have enough schools for our children, make sure we have enough police officers. We need a new police station, actually. And so, we have to pace ourselves and make sure that we are growing at a pace that we can sustain so that we can keep Rexburg in a way that that's why people want to come here, because of what we have to offer, make sure we don't lose that. So, I feel like that is a pretty important issue.

Chandler: And what would you say to getting ready to pace ourselves as far as growth goes? What would be the solution to that, do you think?

Bryanna Johnson: Well, I feel like our zoning is a really big tool that we have. I don't feel like it's the government's role to control growth, but we can control where the growth happens. And so, we have to have a plan. We do, but we need to keep having those plans in place and then following them and thinking through with a long-term view of what we really want here. And I also feel like we have to not be afraid to change course. There are some things that maybe 30 years ago made sense, and maybe they don't make sense anymore. So, we should be constantly evaluating where the growth has happened and adjust our plans for the future and not be afraid to do that.

Chandler: And what would you say to voters if you got to sit down with them one on one, or as a group, what would you tell them as a message?

Bryanna Johnson: Well, I would say that I think that we have amazing people in this community. And I really mean that, all of them. It’s a really fun opportunity to get to hear people in a position like this. They care about things, and they want to have a happy, healthy life. And so, I would say thank you for all you've contributed, and I would love to keep listening and finding solutions together with you.

Chandler: And where can people go to find more information about you and your campaign?

Bryanna Johnson: Yes. So, we've had a few forums already. I'm going to be bringing more door flyers around. I have a city email. You can find it online, and I answer every email that I receive. So, if you have a question or you want to discuss an issue with me, then find my email online and shoot me an email.

Chandler: Is there anything else that you would like to touch on before we close the interview?

Bryanna Johnson: No, I think that was great. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
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