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Livestream Rock Opera "Deep Love" This Weekend

BYU-Idaho Radio · Livestream Rock Opera "Deep Love" This Weekend

Yes, COVID-19 has changed what’s happening this Halloween, but it hasn’t stopped the Halloween spirit from reaching Rexburg. Staring this Friday, a rock opera will come to life at The Basement where performers will dress up in the style of the Victorian period.  

Deep Love is a rock opera that deals with love and what love is. It has a spooky theme perfect for Halloween and the music will give you all kinds of emotions.  

“It’s a spooky show, there are ghosts, everything happens in the graveyard,” said Tennyson Miller, the director of the rock opera. 

Miller first learned about Deep Love from his sister when he was in high school. Ever since then he has felt a love for it. He said his favorite message of the story is that anyone can participate in the arts. This rock opera was written by Ryan Haynes and Garret Sherwood in 2010. They were both studying in university and had a passion for music and poetry, so they decided to write a rock opera. 

“It’s not the next Hamilton,” Miller said, “but it’s gotten big and they have performed it every year since then. It has inspired me to say, ‘Hey, you know what I might not be a theatre major or I might not be as experienced as a director, but I am a human being and can express myself through the arts.’” 

Since it is an opera there is no dialogue in the show and all the actors sing. The songs have a mix of rock and roll, modern rock, blues and folk music. 

“There is a lot of sadness in the show and I don’t want to make people sad, but I want to give them an outlet to rest their sadness,” Miller explained.  

Miller has enjoyed being able to see how the show has come to life since he first thought of putting this production together for the community of Rexburg.  

Deep Love will be performed Oct. 23, 24, 30 and 31. The show will start at 5:30 p.m. and you can tune in to their live stream that will be free to the public on their Facebook Page: Rexburg Deep Love 2020 and Instagram account: Rexburg Deep Love.