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Little Mama Shirt Shop

If you are looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift, then you might want to look at Little Mama Shirt Shop.

The online clothing store is designed for mothers, primarily, but now, the store is selling clothes for fathers as well.

Store owner, Chyna Hansen, operates the business in Idaho Falls, where she has a warehouse of ten people or so, preparing orders for customers all over the world.

“We really believe in motherhood…[and a] community of supportive motherhood,” Hansen said.

The store sells, primarily, shirts, but they also sell hats and other miscellaneous things.

Hansen, a BYU-Idaho alumna, started the business about four years ago. She was working as a high school English teacher before she decided to start the business.

“It was really important for me to be at home with my kids,” Hansen said.

She and her husband started the business in their spare bedroom in Rexburg. Today, they are a worldwide distributor.

With Father’s Day this weekend, the site is promoting their father’s line of products. At this point, orders wouldn’t make it before Father’s Day, but any father appreciates a gift, even if it’s belated.

“We’re working really hard to ship orders…but even if they don’t [make it before Father’s Day], they’re still fun to wear after Father’s Day as well,” Hansen said.

The shop also has a Facebook page, where mothers can talk to each other and ask questions without judgment.

To visit the shop and see what’s available, click here.