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Lights of Hope

BYU-Idaho Radio · "Lights of Hope"- An Interview with Brian Firth of Firth Family Lights
While many of us feel devoid of outside entertainment during the stay-at-home order from Governor Brad Little, there is one place people can go to have a fun night while staying safe.

The Firth family in Rigby started a show called “Lights for Hope.”

They set up a huge light display on their home, like a Christmas light setup, and a short-range FM transmitter. When the lights start flashing, people watching from their cars can tune into the short-range FM frequency to hear contemporary music.

Brian Firth, the father of the home, said the show provides a way for people to get out of the house for some unique entertainment.

“One, it’s motivational, it gives some people an opportunity to get out of the house and do something for 15 to 20 minutes,” Firth said.

On top of the show providing some entertainment, Firth said the underlying meaning of the show centers around hope.

“Lights, in general, have the ability to create joy and create hope, and that’s where this initiative…came from,” Firth said.

Since they started doing the show, they’ve developed a small following on Facebook and brought some joy to a handful of people.

“A lot of people message [my wife] …and express appreciation and say they love the show and that it helps them,” Firth said.

Firth said they plan on continuing the shows through the stay-at-home-order at the minimum. If you need a night out with the family while staying healthy, the light show might just be the ‘bright’ spot that you need in your life.

For more information about the show, check out the family’s Facebook page here:

Anyone who decides to attend a show is kindly asked to respect the Firth’s neighbors and their homes.