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Kiwi Loco Idaho Falls Now Closed

BYU-Idaho Radio · Kiwi Loco Idaho Falls Now Closed
The doors of Kiwi Loco Idaho Falls are officially closed. Business owners Justin and Senessa Tiffany, bought the store in March 2019, and worked extremely hard to build the business in Idaho Falls. One year later, business was doing better than ever. Once the coronavirus hit, however, it was hard to recover.  

“That first week that the governor was kind of starting to close things down, or hinted to that, nobody came into the shop… and it was terrifying,” said Senessa Tiffany, former owner of Kiwi Loco Idaho Falls.   

Once businesses were not allowed to have customers inside the store, the Tiffanys decided to bring the business to them. They started doing curbside pickup and saw great results. 

“Curbside pickup is really what got us through the first two or three months of the coronavirus. We had to be quick thinkers and totally change our business model from people coming into the shop and getting their yogurt, to us receiving orders through text or call and bringing orders out to them,” Senessa Tiffany said.  

Though Kiwi Loco Idaho Falls is now closed, the former owners still felt like it was an important experience. 

“As much as the coronavirus was crippling, we learned so much about running a small business, that that alone kind of made it all worth it,” said Senessa Tiffany.