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ISP Talks Drunk Driver Awareness

Idaho State Police troopers were cracking down on drunk drivers with extra patrols, specifically looking for drivers under the influence over the Labor Day weekend. The initiative has a lasting effect. This was part of a statewide education and enforcement campaign to prevent impaired driving for the holiday. 

ISP says impaired driving was the cause of 1,513 crashes in Idaho last year. Ninety-two people died, and hundreds more were injured because of those crashes.  

“We see impaired driving at all times of the day,” said Lt. Mike Winens from ISP District 5 in Pocatello. “This isn’t something we see on the weekends or on the weeknights, this is something we see at any time on any roadway throughout the state of Idaho… whether it be alcohol impairment, or drug impairment.” 

Officers were given the opportunity to independently take overtime shifts to specifically look for impaired drivers. 

“Our whole goal is to keep family’s whole. We see the tragedies of impaired driving far too often that result in fatalities,” Lt. Winens said. 

The demographic of impaired drivers is not narrow. Lt. Winens says they see all types of people driving impaired. Young, old, rich and famous or poor, people need to have a plan in place before they go out. ISP recommends having a designated driver, offering dry alternatives at parties for designated drivers, arranging a ride with a taxi or ride share company, and above all, always wear a seatbelt. ISP says it’s your best defense against impaired drivers. 

If you see an impaired driver on the road, call *477(*ISP) or call 911 to save a life or two.