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IDeal Celebrates its 20th Birthday

IDeal is celebrating 20 years of serving individuals and families in Idaho. IDeal is a state sponsored savings plan that helps families save up and pay for college. The price of higher education seems to rise every year and developing a savings plan can be a vital step in helping parents finance their childrens’ college education. 

The program is celebrating its success and measuring its achievements by showing off its numbers and the stories of Idahoans IDeal has helped. The program had nearly 800 people open savings accounts in its first year of operation back in 2001 and has grown that number to nearly 5,000 accounts falling just short at 4,912 new accounts opened in 2020. 

Executive director of IDeal, Christie Stoll, said the funds you put in the account grow tax differed. 

“Then when you are ready to use those funds, they can be used anywhere in the country… and if you are using them for a qualified expense then they are going to come out tax free,” Stoll said. 

You can learn more about IDeal by visiting its website here or by calling the office at 1-866-433-2533 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.