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Idaho Gives Day

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Summer Dupree
Idaho Gives is a program of the Idaho Nonprofit Center designed to bring the state together to raise money for Idaho nonprofits. The program usually happens for one day each year, but due to the increased need of support as a result of COVID-19, the online giving period is being extended. Donations are being collected from April 29 - May 6.  

 Last year, the donation period was extended to two weeks for the same reason. Summer Dupree, the program manager for Idaho Gives, said the switch was “terrifying.”  

 “We had to recognize that we needed more days, the non-profits needed more time, but also not knowing if people were going to step up and give because of the COVID-19 Pandemic,” she said. 

 Dupree said it was “obviously the right thing to do” and people donated and participated during the entire donation period.  

 Outside of donations, Dupree also said the program gives Idaho nonprofits a voice and allows them to build relationships with their donors.  

 “Idaho Gives, gives everyone that sort of even playing field of getting their voice heard… It allows them to make those connections with donors that they can develop for the rest of the year,” Dupree said. 

 Dupree said that, even if a donor can only give $10 now, it builds a connection for them to help in other ways throughout the year. She also wanted to remind people that, in a lot of cases, experiencing Idaho means benefiting from the work of nonprofits.  

 “If it weren’t for nonprofits, Idaho wouldn’t be the great state it is,” she said. “If you have done anything in Idaho, if you have gone for a hike, floated in a river, or gone to a show, then you have participated in something that a nonprofit has made possible.”    

 To donate to Idaho gives visit where you can search for participating nonprofit organizations.