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Idaho Gas Prices are Continuing to Rise.

If you drive in Idaho, you’ve most likely noticed that gas prices are rising. This has certainly put a damper on many summer travel plans.  

Matthew Conde, public and government affairs director for AAA Idaho, said we are currently experiencing “a one-two punch” that’s causing the numbers to be so high. In a typical year, he said, gas prices generally rise around this time. On top of that, this year, is the rising price of crude oil. Crude oil production is still fairly low locally, so the supply is not keeping up with demand. For that reason, prices of crude oil are currently very close to $75 a barrel. The average price of a gallon of gas in Idaho is $3.54, according to AAA’s Gas Price website.

“Fifty percent of the price of gas is based on the price of crude oil, so if that crude oil price is rising, well then you’re going to see gas prices follow,” Conde said. 

Though gas prices are steadily rising, Conde does not believe people are going to alter their travel plans very much.   

“Gas is the life blood of the road trip and people are going and the demand is very, very strong and we don’t see that changing just because the demand is a little higher right now,” Condie said.