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Houseplants bring sunshine to snowy Rexburg

BYU-Idaho Radio · New house plant shop opens in Rexburg

In a town where winters bring feet of snow, gardening seems like an unlikely hobby. But for Alexys Owens, founder of the newly opened AA Planthouse, it makes sense. Owens was originally planning on opening her business later in the year but chose to open during the winter instead. 

Plants are a mood booster, she says. Growing houseplants helped Owens combat mental health struggles that came with the pandemic. 

“I think that they just brighten up every space and just scientifically they boost your levels of serotonin,” Owens said. 

AA Planthouse is unique to Rexburg. Owens offers free consultations to buyers, and only carries plants that will survive the local climate. She advises those who are hesitant to care for a plant to go for it. Every plant in the store is handpicked, and Owens has years of experience. 

“Don't give up, because you learn a lot from your mistakes,” Owens said. 

Owens is not only a business owner but also a wife and mother. Becoming a business owner has helped Owens teach her daughter hard work and creativity by example. 

“Being a mother, I have just been so empowered by having my daughter watch me do this,” Owens said. 

AA Planthouse also serves as a vendor for other small businesses. The store is located at 155 W Main St #9, Rexburg, ID. You can find more information about the business on its Facebook page or Instagram page.