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Hawthorne Elementary School Donations

Since the COVID-19 coronavirus spread to the United States people have panicked by purchasing supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, wipes, diapers, formula, etc.  

When Katie Francis, the principal at Hawthorne Elementary School in Idaho Falls, saw how it started becoming an issue for a lot of people to get these supplies, she decided to do something about it and help.  

“Even as a mom, I can’t imagine not being able to go out and buy diapers and formula for my kid in a time like this,” she said.  

The first thing she did was post on social media that Hawthorne Elementary School would start taking donations to help those who don’t have the necessary supplies for their daily lives. After she posted that. The donations started coming and the school has partnered with other people to get those donations to those who need it.  

Now, after this donation project started Francis has been able to team up with some bigger organizations like the Salvation Army and the Community Food Basket, and they will be giving some of the donations to them.  

“We had thousands of diapers donated, a great quantity of food, another thing so people have those materials if they needed. Just the Idaho Falls community as a whole, I think is really good at taking care of others,” Francis said.  

Francis said many people stepped in to help those in need of the supplies. During these uncertain times it can seem that it’s hard but Francis wants people to know there are ways to get help if you need it.  

Everyone who would like to donate can drop off their donations at the school or at the Idaho Falls Senior Center, and Francis said it’s best to stay up to date with their Facebook page for those details. You can check their Facebook page by clicking here.  

If you need supplies or want to help in any way Francis said that anyone can contact her and she is happy to let you know what you can do. Her phone number is (503) 975-5337.