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Giving Tuesday with Community Coalitions of Idaho

BYU-Idaho Radio · Giving Tuesday with Community Coalitions of Idaho
People tend to spend more?money?during the holiday season. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday are days dedicated to shopping. In 2012, a group decided to create a day to help nonprofits and communities raise funds. This day is Dec. 1 this year and is called Giving Tuesday.  

“We focus so heavily on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and spend, spend, spend. The people who created Giving Tuesday were looking for an opportunity for nonprofits to not only get involved in some of the money that is being shuffled around during the holiday season, but also to get exposure and help them wrap things up for the end of the year,”?said David Phillips, executive director of Community Coalitions of Idaho. 

Community Coalitions of Idaho, or CCI, is a nonprofit dedicated to helping fight substance abuse?in Idaho. Phillips has been the executive director since April 2020, and he said Giving Tuesday is one of the biggest donation periods throughout the year for nonprofits in Idaho.? 

“With Giving Tuesday, we just really want to highlight this is a really big opportunity. This is probably the second biggest opportunity in Idaho to raise funds,” Phillips said. “You know, [there is] Idaho Gives, and this is another really great way to double down and to replicate the charitable giving and the potential for an Idaho nonprofit.”? 

Community Coalitions of Idaho is helping promote Giving Tuesday not only for their organization, but for other nonprofits in Idaho.?Phillips said last year, about $120 million was donated around Giving Tuesday just on Facebook.  

“The goal here with our effort is to make sure that not only CCI, but other Idaho nonprofits have the opportunity to get a piece of that very large pie that is basically collected in the course of a couple days,”?Phillips said. 

Donations to CCI and other nonprofits can typically be made on their social media accounts or through their websites. Community Coalitions of Idaho has a website designed to help viewers know how to give on Dec. 1. The website is available online at