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Elite chamber choir starts Mother’s Day concert tour at Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center

BYU-Idaho Radio · Elite chamber choir director discusses upcoming spring concert series
A local chamber choir will perform its first of three concerts in celebration of Mother’s Day, Saturday, May 6. Anam Cara, meaning “soul friend,” will perform a collection of pieces, including familiar pieces and ones which have been newly composed. One particularly impactful piece is one by Jacob Naverud called “Sisi Ni Moja.” 

“That basically says, ‘We all laugh, we all cry,’ you know,” said Atina Coates, artistic director for Anam Cara. “All of us as people, we all have these things that are the same, and so it’s important that we love one another.” 

Anam Choir is an elite chamber choir made up of choral enthusiasts all throughout the local area. The group is made up of people of many faiths and backgrounds, working together to make great music. 

“That’s what we strive for, is a place where we can gather together,” Coates said. “It’s a nondenominational, so just people across the community from every walk of life and it’s really a beautiful thing to get to rub shoulders with other people that we might not meet otherwise and to raise our voices in song together and to share beautiful messages about life and love together.” 

The opening concert on May 6 will take place at the Rexburg Tabernacle Civic Center.  

“Back when I was conducting with the Upper Valley Women’s Choir I used to rehearse in that space, so I’m familiar with the space, but my choir only limitedly. This’ll be a new space for them,” Coates said. 

For certain, the choir will make good use of the space, making for a wonderful performance. Admission for the event is free, and will start at 7 p.m.