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Eagle Rock Art Gallery Has Moved Locations

Eagle Rock Art Gallery is now located at 315 River Parkway in Idaho Falls. They moved locations in March of 2020, but COVID-19 kept them from doing a ribbon cutting. Now that many restrictions have been lifted, they are celebrating the ribbon cutting ceremony today (July 1st) at 4:45 p.m. Afterwards, they’ll be doing a gallery walk from 5-8 p.m. along the river.  
An artist demo will be done by Gunther Haydentholler and the theme of the gallery walk is “All American.” Sloppy Joes, ice cream and other refreshments will be served.  If you can’t make it tonight, though, don’t worry. The gallery walks happen on the first Thursday of every month between May and October and features artist demos each time.  

Eagle Rock Art Gallery operates by renting out space to artists in their gallery. The artists can then display and sell their work. This helps to keep the cost of the artwork down and allows the community to see and appreciate artwork from professionals. Shyann Jenson, who owns the gallery with her husband, said they opened it because they saw a need in Idaho Falls.  

“We were doing art shows in the top five in the nation, and we felt that Idaho Falls and our surrounding communities needed the variety and quality of art we were seeing at these art shows”, Jenson said. 

For more information on Eagle Rock art Gallery visit their website or call (208)-604-8112. 

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