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Donate Christmas Toys to Kids in Need Through Idaho Falls Blessings

BYU-Idaho Radio · Donate Christmas Toys to Kids in Need Through Idaho Falls Blessings

Christmas is right around the corner, and Idaho Falls Blessings is on a mission to help give toys to as many children in need as possible. 

Shawnee Whitehead is the Christmas toy administrator for Idaho Falls Blessings. This is her first year involved in the organization and said their goal is to help give as many toys to children in need this year. 

“That’s?our?goal. We are trying to help those [in] need, without them having to go out and spend the money,” Whitehead said.  

To accomplish this goal, Whitehead spends most of her days sorting through toys. Along with Christmas toys, she said they also set aside everyday toys for children in need.  

“Every day, I have my hands straight in a bucket full of toys,” Whitehead said. “All the donations that come in, I wander through the toys. I have an everyday closet, and those toys are brought in, sorted, cleansed, and put right back out into the community for those kids that?are in need of?toys.” 

When it comes to Christmas toys, she is extra picky. They want the Christmas toys to be special. Whitehead said they inspect the toys and set aside the new or like-new ones for Christmas presents.  

“I mean, that feeling of being able to go out to bless people and to help get [toys] out into the community and help the less fortunate… I mean, that’s why we do it,”?Whitehead said.  

To donate toys, go online to their Facebook page, Idaho Falls Blessings, to let them know. They do not accept any money donations.