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Disney Closes Due to the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus has been spreading in different states and there are more precautions being taken by different companies to help their employees and costumers be safe from spreading the virus. One of the companies that has closed is Disney. 

First, the company closed Shanghai Disney World, Hong Kong Disney Land, Tokyo’s Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and now Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida. The company has also closed all its cruises.  

Sierra Jones, a student at BYU-Idaho, is currently doing the Disney College Program in Florida and works with Disney Park and the Auto Plaza at Epcot. She started the program in August and will be there until May. Jones said Disney kept all the employees up to date with the coronavirus situation.  

“It was a little nerve racking we were thinking, ‘Oh no what if they close the Disney College Program?’” she said.  

Disney World will be closed the last shift on March 15 and will remain closed until the end of the month. Disney has told employees they will still get paid even though it’s closed. 

“A little reassuring knowing that at least, despite the situation going on, they still take care of their cast members,” Jones said.  

There have not been any coronavirus cases in Disney parks, but the company still wants to make sure to be proactive. While the parks are closed, employees will clean the theme parks and help the cast be safe from this virus. Closing the parks has made plans change for a lot of people. Jone’s cousins were planning on going to Disneyland during their spring break. 

Jones said there are other theme parks in Orlando which will also be closing soon.  

“Once I think Disney made the move a lot of the theme parks are also thinking of taking precautions as well and closing their parks,” she said.  

To protect against the coronavirus, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, if you cough do it on a tissue and then throw it away and if you are sick stay home.