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Disciples take action, the Villars teach at BYU-Idaho devotional

REXBURG — Elder Jaun Pablo Villar and his wife, Sister Carola Villar, emphasized the importance of setting goals and taking action to become more like Jesus Christ during their BYU-Idaho devotional talks.

Elder Villar is a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Sister Villar illustrated the importance for students to set goals and fill their lives with things of importance with a story about her daughter and the efforts she took to go to a One Direction concert. When the event was over, she grew sad.

“Maria Jesus learned a couple of big lessons that year: Nothing the world offers will fill our lives and does not provide everlasting joy,” she said. “The world will only give us momentary happiness.”

To combat this emptiness that the world gives us, Sister Villar suggested students work to strengthen their relationship with Heavenly Father and make a habit of studying The Book of Mormon.

In his talk titled “Becoming Christlike Leaders: Making Things Happen,” Elder Villar discussed the importance of making action a central focus in different areas of life — namely in education and leadership.

“As we strive to become Christlike leaders, we must work hard to ‘make things happen’ through both our words and our actions,” he taught.

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, the Villars spoke about how taking action includes getting out of your comfort zones.

“[Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ] will help us to realize which things we need to change, which things we need to start doing, which things we need to stop doing in order to grow, in order to progress,” Elder Villar said.