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County Commission Chairman Announces Candidacy for House of Representatives

The Madison County Commission Chairman will run for the Idaho House of Representatives for the District 34 A seat. Jon Weber has been in the County Commission Chair for Madison County for over 12 years and has been thinking about the future of the state.   

“The timing is right to take it to the next level and take everything I’ve learned locally and serving our community and take it to the state,” Weber said. 

Weber is a local business owner and has served in multiple facets in the community. Between being the owner of Rexburg’s Circle of Love for 29 years and being the Madison County Commission Chairman, Weber is well-known throughout the community.  

“Working together with people to build a stronger community is key,” Weber said. “Living and working and playing and just enjoying community.”  

Weber said he’ll focus on infrastructure and growing the community. The blueprint for Weber’s success is bringing different roads and infrastructure like the new landfill and a new park into the community.  Health care will also be on his agenda particularly on the state level with the Medicaid expansion. 

“Emergency services deserve praise for the work that they do and are also a focus,” said Weber. He wants to give them the tools and the training that keep the community growing. 

Weber is currently working with the commission on projects for the county and explained what motivates him to want work for the county.  

“I’d like to say that it’s people over policy,” he said. “Everything we do should be about the people that we serve. And bringing people to come together to an outcome that would best benefit all of us. I recognize that won’t be easy there is going to be some winners and losers when your making decisions. That just the way that goes but foremost its always going to be people over policy.” 

Elections for the office of Idaho House of Representatives will take place this year along with the general election on Nov. 3. A primary is scheduled for May 19, 2020. The filing deadline is March 13 for candidates who are running. 

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