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BYU-Idaho students teach Dating and Marriage Workshops starting this week

For the next five weeks the Wellness Center will host weekly dating workshops as well as workshops for married couples. The workshops are titled, “Dating: How to Follow Your Heart.”

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Navigating the world of dating can be painful and exhausting, especially for BYU-Idaho students working to balance their social goals with their academic, financial and ecclesiastical goals. To help students find success in these goals, the Wellness Center hosts weekly workshops for both single students looking to date and married students working to continue to build their relationship.

These workshops are called “Dating: How to Follow Your Heart.” Admission is free to all who would like to participate. Each workshop is led by certified student instructors covering a variety of topics centered around the Relationship Attachment Model. The RAM model helps students identify the way to balance essential aspects of their relationships.

“It’s important because if you are out of balance than you’re kind of blind,” says Megan Perrin, an instructor for the dating workshop.

The five areas the model covers are ordered “Know, Trust, Rely, Commit and Touch.”

“Each one builds upon the previous one, and there is a general guideline called the safe zone where you should never go farther in one area than you have in the previous one,” says Chris Tygret an instructor who will lead the discussion at the first dating workshop with Liz Hale.

Hale and Tygret will introduce these areas of the model. Hale says their goal is to help change the dating culture at BYU-Idaho and to help students date with intentionality.

“This is a major decision that we’re making here to find someone to marry and be with for eternity, is our goal, and so … we want to really endorse the idea of being intentional about who you’re spending your time with and what you're putting into that relationship because ultimately your gonna get out of it what you put into it,” Hale says.

The dating workshops start tonight at 7 in various campus locations including, the Taylor Building room 100, the Hart Building room 142, the Science and Technology Center room 231, and the Clarke Building room 225. The first marriage workshops will be on Wednesday at the same time and venues except the Hart Building. Subsequent workshops will be held at the same time and rooms.

You can register for the courses online at campusre