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BYU-Idaho Student Creates Cookie Business

BYU-Idaho Radio · BYU-Idaho Student Creates Midori's Cookie Creations

A senior project has become more than just a way to get a good grade for one BYU-Idaho student, it’s now a moneymaking business. 

Midori?Goobie?is a BYU-Idaho senior planning to graduate in April. At the beginning of?fall?semester, she started her senior project. She is a communication major and has always loved?to bake, so she decided to create a small business involving baking.?? 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, she shared how her?love of baking began when she was a young child, cooking in the kitchen with her mom and grandma. 

“We have this one picture of me standing on a chair next to my grandma, and she was making cinnamon rolls and I was helping her frost them. We always joke around and say, ‘this is where my love of baking started.’ I have always just loved baking since I was growing up with my mom and my grandma,”?Goobie said. 

For?Goobies’ senior project, she chose to create a small business creating custom-ordered royal icing cookies.?? 

“I’d never done these kinds of cookies before, but I just thought they were so cute and fun and creative. One day for my senior project, I went on a whim and decided to try them out and then I fell in love with them,” Goobie said.? 

These cookies are extremely detailed and have been called “works of art” by the East Idaho Business Journal. Goobie started by creating fun designs on her cookies for friends and families.  

She said she remembers the excitement from when she told her husband she had an order from her first customer that she did not personally know. 

Royal icing cookies involve a long, detailed process.?Goobie?said the entire process takes about 12 hours from start to finish.  

“For about a dozen cookies, depending on how much detail is required, it will take me anywhere from three or four hours just to decorate. On top of that, I give them about?seven or eight hours?drying time, just to make sure it all hardens up and there is no smudging or anything so when I package?them?they will stay in place,” Goobie said. 

She?has received many custom orders and was completely booked for December around the beginning of the month. Pictures of her previous orders and her order form are available on her Instagram account, Midori’s Cookie Creations.??