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BYU-Idaho English Teacher Publishes a Book of Poems

BYU-Idaho Radio · BYU-Idaho English Teacher Publishes a Book of Poems
The world of literature is vast and ever-expanding.  BYU-Idaho has a well-supported English department, a department that specializes in helping students learn and understand the wonderful world of words. 

While students can learn about Shakespeare, creative writing, children’s literature, young adult literature and so much more, one favorite is poetry. 

“Poetry in many ways is about trying to find the right word in every moment of the poem,” said Mark Bennion, an English Department faculty member at BYU-Idaho. 

Bennion has recently published his own book.  A book filled with a collection of poems he has written over the course of two decades. 

“Titled, ‘Beneath the Falls’, it is a collection of work that looks at what I will refer to as the ‘change’ cycle that happens in our lives,” Bennion said. 

Bennion’s poems have several different themes behind them.  Some are more lighthearted.  Some make you think.  Some are a little dark. 

The first poem in the book is called “Imagining You the Moment After my Birth” and tells the reader about what Bennion thinks his mother thought of him when he was born.   

“That experience is so singular, it’s so powerful. It’s like the Atonement of Jesus Christ, there’s nothing in the world more like the Atonement than a mother giving birth to a child,” he said. 

The poems cover different individual topics, so there’s a lot to take in. 

“I hope (readers) have an engaging experience. I also hope it gets them to think about their own experiences of birth, death, change, and growth, and what they are thankful for,” Bennion said. 

“Beneath the Falls” is available for purchase online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.