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Business Talk with Crispy Cones

Rexburg has several beloved food trucks, and one of the local favorites is Crispy Cones. That chromatic oval under an old gas station canopy on N 2nd East. Jeremy Carlson started his business four years ago as a young college student with big aspirations. So far so good. Carlson has since seen great success from serving dessert to the people of Rexburg and is expanding the business. 

Carlson has a lot riding on the success of his new storefront location in Logan, Utah. He said that compared to when he first started, the nerves are familiar, but for different reasons. 

“I feel very nervous for the lines, for the rush, and for the people… which is a good nervous. You would want that instead of hoping people show up. We know that there’s going to be people lining up down the street… but I do feel more confident,” he said. 

Carlson has faced challenges as a new business owner and has advice for new and young business owners. 

“Every month there’s some sort of major speed bump. It’s just all part of the process of being an entrepreneur, of getting out there, of conquering it, and not necessarily looking at them as speed bumps, but by looking at them learning opportunities and how to be better as a company,” Carlson said. 

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