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Big Changes Coming to Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor

BYU-Idaho Radio · Big Changes Coming to Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor

Fair Land Lemonade and Treat Parlor in Rexburg is known for its unique style of ice cream. Fairland specializes in rolled ice cream in a variety of flavors. After three years, Fair Land’s owner, Macail Chavez, said she is ready to switch things up.  

Fair Land started, like other local businesses, at the Rexburg Farmer’s Market. Chavez was known by friends and family for her delicious lemonade and limeade recipe. She started selling drinks at the Rexburg Farmer’s Market in 2017. After a successful experience at the farmer’s market, she decided to open a shop.  

“I think everyone thought I was a little insane at first because it was just going to be a lemonade/limeade drink store. I saw a YouTube video on rolled ice cream and I just thought that was amazing. We went down to California, tried it, came back and that was our new plan… a lemonade and rolled ice cream store,” Chavez said. 

Chavez opened Fair Land Lemonade and Treat three years ago. She said they have been successful in bringing a new type of dessert to Rexburg. Now, Chavez is ready for a big change to her store and the menu.  

She said the new menu will include food, incorporating both Asian and Mexican-style food.  

“I can tell you that we are doing an Asian/Mexican fusion-type menu. So, what that means is that we’re bringing cultural food… to the store,” Chavez said.  

Chavez gave the example of a predominately Asian-style soup with a Mexican flavor added to it.  

While the store and menu will look drastically different than the Fair Land locals are familiar with, she said they will keep a few of the rolled ice cream flavors on the menu.  

“We will still have that ice cream. It will be presented in a different way than it currently is right now, but it will be the flavor and the texture and everything the same on that end. We probably will scale down the flavors a bit,” said Chavez.  

Fair Land is currently doing curbside orders only while the shop is under renovation. During renovation, orders can be placed from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Chavez said she expects the shop to be completed in about a month. The store is located in Rexburg across from Sonic at 220 E. 2nd N. Ste #5. 

Fair Land rolled ice cream can be ordered online at Orders can also be placed over the phone at (909) 499-8145.