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BBB on Coronavirus

The Better Business Bureau wants businesses in Idaho during this time with the COVID-19 coronavirus to take care of their businesses and be transparent with their employees. After the coronavirus started affecting Idaho there have been a lot of questions on what is best to do and what precautions should be taken for those who have their local business.  

“Many businesses right now are looking about how they can sustain their business through this time,” said Jeremy Johnson, the Eastern Idaho marketplace manager for BBB.  

Johnson said one of the most important things to do in these uncertain times is to be open with your customers and employees about what is happening to your business. 

“Be as transparent as possible,” she said “…letting your customers know what you are doing first to protect your employees, to keep your business, if you are open to the public, safe and your product safe,” she said. 

These times can seem a bit hectic so the better communication there is, the smoother everything is going to be once the virus is gone. It is crucial, as well, for business owners and their employees to be creative, Johnson said. This is the time to think outside the box to know what would fit and work best for the business during these times.  

“Try to be positive and try to be proactive and look at all of your avenues,” she said.  

BBB suggests business owners talk to other business owners and see what ideas they have been able to come up with at this time.  

“While you might not think immediately that there is something to do maybe in talking to other people, there might be different ideas that you really haven’t thought of that can really help your business,” Johnson said.