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Art Museum of Eastern Idaho- Sayaka Ganz Exhibit

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho has a new exhibit on display called the Sayaka Ganz: Reclaimed Creations. The exhibit, which uses recycled objects to create shapes, will be open through October 2.

Ganz’s recent sculptures depict animals in motion. When viewers look closely at the sculptures, however, they will notice that they are made completely out of plastic recycled objects. Visitors can look for things like plastic spoons, Hot Wheels tracks, spatulas and more within the statues.  

“It has a really great environmental message… she’s helping us to realize how much we waste and helping us to think about being good stewards of the earth,” said Miyai Abe Griggs, the director of the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho.  

 She also said the exhibit will be appealing to people of all ages, especially children who will enjoy looking for and spotting different items in the statues.  

The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho offers free admissions on the first Saturday of every month and charges a fee on other days. For more information on the exhibit, location and museum hours visit  

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