The Idaho State Police Department will have increased patrols from through April 30 looking specifically for distracted driving violations. ISP has partnered with the Idaho Transportation Department to receive funding to put extra patrols out on the roadways during this time.  

The troopers are specifically looking for people on their cellphones. Idaho is a hands-free state meaning that drivers cannot be holding a cellphone while driving. To use a phone, drivers must be using a Bluetooth device.  

Troopers have the discretion to either issue a citation or give a verbal warning when violations occur. Lieutenant Chris Weadick with Idaho State Police said that some people are truly uneducated about the hands-free driving law, but they have had a few campaigns to get the information out there. Because of this he said violations often end in a ticket.  

Weadick also said that, though he’s been impressed by some people’s willingness to stay hands free, distracted driving remains a problem.  

We are still seeing a number of crashes, we are still seeing a number of close calls out here with people that are driving inattentive, he said. 

Driving without distraction is important for the safety of everyone on the road.