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Another Insider Look at “Once I was Engaged”

From the creators of “Once I was a Beehive” comes the romantic comedy “Once I was Engaged,” a new spin off with returning characters. While filming, the crew had many exciting, emotional and special moments together. We got an inside look at what that was like from an interview with Hailey Smith, producer and actress for the film. 

Smith plays Carrie Carrington, the best friend of the mother of the bride to be.   

“It was just really exciting to get the cast back together from Once I was a Beehive. It’s been 6 years since that movie came out… just being all together, it felt like a big family reunion,” Smith said. 

Smith had a big role to play in casting some of the new characters. She said they watched hundreds of audition tapes and saw a lot of talent. Choosing who to represent the new characters in the film was not easy. COVID-19 slowed the whole process and added more difficulty to everything, but the crew managed. 

“We experienced a lot of… miracles during the filming process because it’s really difficult to keep everyone safe during a pandemic,” she said.. 

Smith said one of the most “magical” experiences while filming was when in Hawaii. She said the crew managed to fly 20 people to Hawaii – not an easy thing to do with strict travel restrictions. They filmed on the beaches and at some nice houses. 

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