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Animal Shelters going through COVID-19

As the fallout from the COVID-19 coronavirus continues BYU-Idaho Radio wanted to look at how it’s affecting animals and animal shelters.

Kristin Sanger, the executive director at the Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls, said there are coronaviruses that can have an effect on animals but not COVID-19.

“What they have found in the studies is that typically the virus is not able to live on the animal fur,” she said.

This is probably a great relief for pet owners. Sanger said the Snake River Animal Shelter has seen an increase in people participating in their foster program, which means there are fewer animals at the shelter.

“We have seen huge community response, the community has been awesome,” Sanger said.

Due to the coronavirus, animal shelters will be closed and focusing on basic animal care within the facilities. This is negatively affecting the non-profit animal shelter, so animal shelters throughout the region are starting to work together.

“Pulling together resources, sharing information with one another to help stretch every dollar,” Sanger said.

Even though there are a lot of uncertainties due to COVID-19 and negative impacts due to this virus there are some organization trying to help, like PetCo foundation, The American Humane Society and Best Friends, among others.

“Cats and dogs are just a wonderful stress release in extreme time like this, so my opinion is bring a cat or dog into your life and see their enrichment that they bring to you,” Sanger said.