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Add East Idaho Aquarium To Your List Of Things to See

The East Idaho Aquarium has grown a lot in the last few years, and now boasts more than 35 exhibits, with many more activities and new things to do. Executive director Aaron Faires says the East Idaho Aquarium has the largest shark tank in Idaho. 

“We have around 50,000 gallons of salt water alone … so we’ve got the largest shark tank in Idaho, and the most sharks on display in Idaho,” he said. 

There are also several large fish tanks with countless fish from all over the world. Ocean life isn’t the only thing the aquarium offers the community. The aquarium also has other cool creatures to learn about like camans, spiders and snakes.  

The aquarium also offers educational encounters with its animals. Faires says they will bring things like spiders and snakes into the classroom to help teach kids about each animal. Faires says it’s a good opportunity to give hands-on experience with something like a snake, which many kids may have not handled before. 

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