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"A Walk Through Middle Earth"

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Cathy Stanton with Madison Library District

After two months of staying at home, getting outside is one of the most refreshing things we can do to take care of ourselves.

If you’re looking for ideas, Madison Library District has a new program they’re running through September 7.

“A Walk Through Middle-Earth” is a “Lord of the Rings”-themed program where people can log how many miles they walk before September 7 for a chance to win prizes.

The three choices of mileage are:

· “Stroll around the Shire” (Walk 45 miles = 3 miles per week).

· “Visit the Ents in Fanghorn Forest” (Walk 90 miles= 6 miles per week).

· “Climb Mount Doom”(Walk 150 miles= 10 miles per week).

After completing each challenge, you can get a 20-ounce drink from Great Scotts. Age groups for the competition are 6-11, 12-18, 19-54, and 55 and older.

According to the article from the library, the top five “Hobbits” for each age group will win a copy of a Tolkien novel. The top three of all ages will get a boxed set of “Lord of the Rings.” The top walker in the whole competition will receive a “Ring to Rule Them All.”

Be sure to turn in your log the week after Labor Day.

Cathy Hammond, the adult services librarian for the Madison Library District, said the coemption is something the library hasn’t done before.

“It seemed like a good way to…get people outside and get some fresh air this summer,” Hammond said.

She also said the “Lord of the Rings” theme fit largely because of the journey the hobbits took in the books.

“That book is all about taking a journey...and taking that long, long walk up to Mount Doom,” Hammond said.

For more information about the competition, click here.