Online Programs

BYU-Idaho provides its students with over 300 online courses, more than 30 online certificates (which consist of about five courses each—roughly 15 credits), and several bachelor’s degrees in the areas of business, technology, health, family studies, and professional studies.


BYU-Idaho has a robust online organization that collaborates with faculty to create, improve, and oversee all aspects of its online offerings. The BYU-Idaho associate online vice president of online programs is responsible for the oversight of BYU-Idaho’s online certificates and degrees.

BYU-Idaho Online Programs works closely with online program leads and department chairs to create, evaluate, and improve BYU-Idaho’s online certificates and degrees. In addition, Online Programs interfaces and coordinates with BYU-Pathway Worldwide to discuss curriculum needs, changes, standards, and proposals.

The structure and curriculum for each online certificate or degree is overseen by BYU-Idaho faculty, program leads, and department chairs who are ultimately responsible for:

  • Determining program and course learning outcomes
  • Identifying key assessments to measure student performance
  • Making and approving course and curriculum changes for the continuous improvement of online courses.

Each online certificate and degree is also overseen by an online program lead who is a campus faculty member that regularly reviews certificate and program data to ensure that online courses are helping students achieve their certificate and program learning outcomes.

At the course level, a course council comprised of a BYU-Idaho faculty member, an online designer, and an online faculty course representative work together to create and improve each online course. The course council ensures that online courses share common outcomes and key assessments with their campus counterparts and they also evaluate and review course data to regularly assess and improve the quality of the course they oversee.

The BYU-Idaho Online Learning Organization works with departments to hire and train qualified online instructors to teach all BYU-Idaho online courses. They also help to ensure that each online course presented by BYU-Pathway Worldwide meets the BYU-Pathway Worldwide delivery standards.